Mission Statement

To provide clothing -

one of our most basic human needs-

to women in transition and to

victims of domestic abuse

and their families

By providing appropriate

professional, career and casual

attire for the roles women play,

we impact their self esteem

and help them to become

gainfully employed. This

equates into a higher standard

of living for women

and their families.




About Bound for Success, Inc.

Principal Staff & Volunteers

Virginia Salazar, President
Virginia is currently overseeing a five million dollar grant for the "science is everywhere" Summer camp Program operated by the National Atomic Museum. She is very detailed oriented and knows how to advertise, promote and facilitate programs=. She is a team player and is very skilled in reaching both the CEO's of their grant partners as well as the low income minority parents and students their program is targeting.


Fawn Dolan - Executive Director
Fawn was the founder and Executive Director since Bound for Success' inception. It was her observation that resulted in the creation of the dress shop to accommodate the residents of Sandoval County who have very few resources and transportation hardships.

She has worked extensively with other program directors to better meet the needs of those most vulnerable. She works tirelessly to make positive changes and is dedicated to improving the lives of women and children in Sandoval County and in New Mexico. She is the past president of the Bernalillo Chamber of Commerce which tripled its membership base under her leadership. She is a visionary and a doer.

Click here to find out more about FAWN DOLAN, MA


Peggy Koontz, Part Time Sales Person
Peggy has retail experience, was an insurance agent and is a dedicated employee. She creates the displays, handles the majority of the referrals and makes customers and clients feel special, welcome and respected. She knows the program well, its goals and its purpose and is a great public relations person. She does the job of three people.


Our Volunteers

Dottie Kinney
Dottie is a former model for Neiman Marcus, owned an upscale boutique in Santa Fe and is a great people person. Dottie has a great sense of humor and makes everyone feel welcome when they come in to purchase clothing or select items as a referral. She helps women determine the best colors for their complexion and styles for their particular body type. She is a great asset to the program.

Our volunteers are diverse people with incredible strengths, talents and personal stories. They are entrepreneurs, professionals, students and seniors. They are the heart of our program.
We depend upon the generosity of individuals who donate their time to sort and hang clothing, to price and display the items, to do general cleaning, maintenance and yard work. Our volunteers also work closely with the women and families we serve by providing them with caring, compassionate personal assistance. They listen to their needs and refer them to other agencies as needed.
We depend upon our volunteers to interact with customers, clients, agencies and the community at large to explain and promote our program and to increase our visibility. Without volunteers, we could not accomplish our goals.

To volunteer your services, please call 771-8228 or e-mail us
: info@bound-4-success.org

We accept clothing that is clean, gently worn, on hangers and ready to wear. Items we cannot use are donated to other agencies in the area.
Monetary donations are also accepted, appreciated and greatly needed.
Please call 771-8228 if you would like to donate clothing or to make a financial contribution.

Pay Pal- To make donations online.

Our board, staff and volunteers are women from diverse ethnic backgrounds: Hispanic, Native American and Anglo. We represent the women we help.

Patricia Young, Volunteer
Patricia declares herself as a "Thrift Store Junkie," so she is knowledgeable when it comes to pricing and displaying items. She is a professional Environmental Specialist and knows the value of recycling and reusing. Patricia is very active in the community and is well versed in our programs goals and mission.


CALL: 505-771-8228
PO BOX 1960

E-mail us: info@bound-4-success.org